2024 Training Schedule

The table below lists a draft of the activities planned for the Hickory Run Chapter of NAVHDA. All dates, times, seminars and locations are subject to change and are pending receipt of permits from the Game Commission and will be finalized after their receipt and training committee approval.

Hickory Run Chapter charges $10 per handler per training weekend to cover expenses such as permits and other incidental expenses. All fees and charges for birds are payable at the beginning of a clinic. Birds must be picked up and paid for on Saturday.

Date Saturday Training Sunday Training
Feb. 24-25 - Jordan Wells Seminar

January 14

11 AM Executive Council
1 pm General Membership
March 23-24
Start 7:30 am
Gunner Certification. J. Wells recap. Puppy: evaluation, intro to gun, birds, table work. Field Steadiness NA and UT

Continuation of saturday training.  

April 20-21
Start 8:30 am
SGL 205 and SGL 119/ACE
Make up Gunner Certification. Heeling, Pheasant Track, Recall. Field work NA and UT. Whoa Training Continuation of saturday training.      

Registration & Order Birds

May 18-19
Start 7:30 am
Rossi Farm

Stop to Flush. Porcupine avoidance. Out of state hunting. Puppies intro to water

Stop to flush dependent on Pigeons. Porcupine also needed

June 22-23
Start 7:30 am
ACE/SGLs 119/40/91

Semi annual meeting. Puppy water and table work. Whoa training. Water work Duck drag, NA and UT.

Steady by blind, Duck search, Duck drag, Pheasant track

July 27-28
Start 7:30 am
ACE/SGLs 119/40/91

Field steadiness. Duck drag. Pheasant track. Duck search. Recall.

UT Mock Test.
All other dogs in unoccupied locations

August 24-25
Start 7:30 am
ACE/SGLs 119/40/91
UT test problem issues. Steadiness. Duck search. Pheasant track. Backing demonstration.

NA mock test -All other dogs at unoccupied locations

Sept. 7 - 8
Start 7:30 am

Volunteers Needed!

Volunteers Needed!

Sept, 21-22
Start 7:30 am

Boat safety: Loading a dog In an Out. Hunting Prep.
Chapter Pot Luck Lunck noon

Water work. Field work. Hunt prep.
Games and contests!