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Test Refunds

Test dates 09/09/23 and 09/10/23.
UT/UPT -  member dog $155 and non-member dog $170
NA - member dog $135 and non-member dog $150

The member/non-member fee depends on who owns the dog being tested. If the dog testing belongs to a member but is being handled by some one who is a non-member the fee is member. If a member handles a dog owned by a non-member the non-member fee applies.

The Test Secretary will handle test entries on the following bases: Test entries will be taken on a first come first serve bases by the coordinator of testing. Test entry forms must be completed in entirety and accompanied by the appropriate funds in order to be accepted by the Hickory Run Chapter Test Secretary (NO EXCEPTIONS). Test Entry Form is here: TEST-ENTRY-FORM-2021-0111.pdf (navhda.org)

Hickory Run Test Secretary address is:
Barbara Brookman
477 Cafferty Rd.
Erwinna, PA 18920

All checks will be deposited upon receipt by the Treasurer. If a handler requests to cancel a test entry, such request will be handled as follows: If you cancel more than 120 days (4 months) from the test date, we issue a full refund, regardless of whether there is somebody on the waiting list or not. A refund equal to 80% of test fee will be given for any dog withdrawn between 120 days and 30 days before the test provided a FULLY PAID REPLACEMENT is found. NO REFUND will be made for withdrawals LESS THAN 30 DAYS PRIOR TO A TEST unless it is due to a dog medical issue or death of the dog. A veterinarian’s letter must be received explaining the medical condition.

ALL refunds for any hardship withdrawals (personal or dog related) will be reviewed by the Executive Council on a case by case basis. In those cases, the Council’s refund decision will be final. The Test Secretary will limit the number of test entries per handler per test day to one half of the available test slots based on the test entry formula from NAVHDA (i.e. and all natural ability test will have a maximum of ten (10) slots. Thus, the maximum number of test slots per handler per test day would be five (5) slots).